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If you’d like to get stronger, leaner and put on some muscle, discover how personal coaching can deliver superior results and get you to your goals.

Semi-Private Premium Space

StrengthBox isn’t an ordinary gym. Our East York facility is equipped with everything the world’s top athletes use, but ultimately we’re a coaching environment and all our methods are completely scalable. All clients start by booking a consultation, and if there’s a fit they’ll put their plan into motion in-person under Greg’s direction and expert guidance.



Founded in 2010, StrengthBox is a private strength & conditioning gym in East York. If you’re looking for expert personal coaching in a world-class facility, you’ve come to the right place. With soaring ceilings, skylights, and a large roll-up garage door, StrengthBox is 2000 square feet of your own personal training ground. Fully kitted with squat racks, barbells, gymnastics equipment, kettlebells, machines, sleds & tires, the space is a combination of garage gym and upscale amenities including a post-workout recovery and shower area.

To gain real-life athleticism, we need to move more, lift heavy stuff and develop physical skills. We strive for lean, athletic, and muscular physiques.

That doesn’t mean you have to be an athletic superstar to get started, but you must be willing to put in the effort. With personalized programming and support along the way, you’ll see increases in strength and lean muscle mass faster than ever.




Founder & Lead Trainer

Now in his mid-sixties, Greg continues to inspire and motivate people to reach their own goals. An expert in strength training, calisthenics and old-school bodybuilding, he has gained a solid international reputation as a coach over the years. Whether on the media or in person, he loves building up people with the information and motivation they need to get results in and out of the gym.

Known for his straight-forward and holistic approach, Greg knows how to combine practical, effective workouts with sound nutrition and lifestyle habits. He’s used his system to overcome his own chronic health problems in the past and now helps others transform their own lives, regardless of age or physical condition. He credits his own success to the motivation he gets from others, be they mentor, coach, or client.

“I’m driven by other people’s enthusiasm, and love showing people how to look and feel their best”.







ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS StrengthBox Method for Size and Strength. Want results? You need an intelligent plan and the proper support. The StrengthBox Method for Size and Strength provides you 16 weeks of gym-based training protocols through the StrengthBox app.   click for more info
Open Gym Access

Open Gym Access

A Premium Training Environment Without the Hype and Crowds StrengthBox clients now have access to the gym to train on their own with guidance. With access to exclusive StrengthBox training programs, members can track their workouts and results right on the StrengthBox mobile app. Train using the Master Program, StrengthBox’s classic “strength and conditioning” training protocol, or follow the beginner-friendly Physical Reboot program for general fitness. There are 4 workouts every week that change monthly for variety, with added specialized routines. Follow an organized…


J Creed
"Training at StrengthBox has gotten me amazing results in a fun and innovative environment. Greg helped me reach new heights in strength, mobility and good old-fashioned muscle building."
J Creed
V Brachos
"When I began, my big goal was to lose weight. I've not only succeded, but now can do things I previoiusly thought impossible - pullups, rope climbing and lifting heavy weights. The program works, and StrengthBox rocks!"
V Brachos
G Fardell
"I've seen instant results in how I look, feel and perform. Since starting, I've lost over 40 pounds and my strength is through the roof. StrengthBox is totally unique - unlike any other gym I've attended."
G Fardell
V Strong
"I'm a bit of a sports nut. Thanks to the strength and mobility I've gained with Greg's coaching, I'm able to compete at a high level while remaining injury-free. Whatever you like to do, you'll be able to do it better after building a strong foundation at StrengthBox!"
V Strong
P Opassinis
"StrengthBox has not only helped me reach my asthetic goals, but has also raised my performance levels in soccer. I have better endurance, more explosiveness and overall strength. I highly recommend you schedule a trial!"
P Opassinis

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