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StrengthBox is a unique industrial fitness studio in East York, Toronto. If you’re looking for great coaching in a fun and inclusive class environment, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find mirrors, intimidation or judgement.

There’s no sales staff selling endless memberships. Instead, you’ll find weights & kettlebells, a jungle gym, great trainers, a supportive community, and programming that fosters amazing results!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or athletic superstar, we’ve got you covered.

To gain real-life athleticism, we need to move naturally, lift heavy stuff and develop physical skills. We strive for lean, well-proportioned physiques. But we also believe it’s important to have fun in the process…

If you share our convictions, you’ll love our style and you’ll get results!

Intimidated? We love beginners, and our small-group classes emphasize cooperation, not competition.

In fact, we’re downright friendly!




Founder & Certified Trainer

Greg has a passion for inspiring others to reach their fitness goals. Interested in total-body fitness and in natural movement, he’s also no stranger to barefoot running and particularly enjoys training in nature.

Known for his straight-forward and holistic approach, Greg knows how to combine practical, effective workouts with sound nutrition and lifestyle habits. He’s used his system to overcome his own chronic health problems in the past, and now helps others transform their own lives, regardless of age or physical condition. He credits his own success to the motivation he gets from others, be they mentor, coach, or client.

“I’m driven by other people’s enthusiasm, and love showing people how to look and feel their best”.


Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small Group Training
Company & Team Events

Company & Team Events

Company & Team Events The modern workplace can disconnect us from our innate ability to move. Regular exercise can help, but most routines can be repetitive and dull. They lack playfulness, and a sense of cooperative spirit. StrengthBox offers numerous ways for companies and individuals to become engaged – from speaking engagements, to local workshops and international retreats led by founder Greg Carver. Greg’s message of natural fitness and physicality has resonated with many people through his numerous television appearances and public speaking events.…




J Creed
"Training at StrengthBox has gotten me amazing results in a fun and innovative environment. Greg helped me reach new heights in strength, mobility and good old-fashioned muscle building."
J Creed
V Brachos
"When I began, my big goal was to lose weight. I've not only succeded, but now can do things I previoiusly thought impossible - pullups, rope climbing and lifting heavy weights. The program works, and StrengthBox rocks!"
V Brachos
G Fardell
"I've seen instant results in how I look, feel and perform. Since starting, I've lost over 40 pounds and my strength is through the roof. StrengthBox is totally unique - unlike any other gym I've attended."
G Fardell
K Hawkins
"StrengthBox is supported by its fun, effective programming and its wonderful members. Give it a shot! You'll be stronger, fitter and leaner, while the others cheer you on!"
K Hawkins
V Strong
"I'm a bit of a sports nut. Thanks to the strength and mobility I've gained with Greg's coaching, I'm able to compete at a high level while remaining injury-free. Whatever you like to do, you'll be able to do it better after building a strong foundation at StrengthBox!"
V Strong
P Opassinis
"StrengthBox has not only helped me reach my asthetic goals, but has also raised my performance levels in soccer. I have better endurance, more explosiveness and overall strength. I highly recommend you schedule a trial!"
P Opassinis
L McCormick
"While I've had many different gym memberships, none have been as motivating and confidence-building as StrengthBox. Thanks for creating this wonderful community!"
L McCormick




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#5 – 45 Cranfield Road,
(Bermondsey & O’Connor)
East York, Toronto, ON M4B 3H6