Shari and Melissa’s Yukon River Quest

October 7, 2015

StrengthBox trainee Shari Valja and her sister Melissa have signed up for an amazing adventure this June. They will be conquering the mighty Yukon River in an epic paddle of 715 kilometres as they race from Whitehorse to Dawson City. All this under the midnight Arctic sun!

This week, Shari and Melissa start some intensive training with Greg Carver, who is overseeing their program via some online coaching. He has a few tricks up his sleeve to help them develop the power and endurance they’ll need…

The Yukon River Quest is the world’s longest canoe and kayak race. Paddlers from around the world will be testing their endurance and skills as they compete day and night on one of the most famous rivers in North America.

Shari and her sister have started a crowdfunding site to help with the high cost of outfitting, travel and safety gear. They’re also raising money to support mental health, a cause that StrengthBox has supported numerous times in the past. Thirty percent of all donations will go directly to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Please consider sponsoring this StrengthBox team of paddlers (and supporting mental health) with a donation by clicking here.

To follow them on their journey, see their Facebook event page. More information on the Yukon River Quest can be found at