Healthy Eating: Tips for Eating More Vegetables

October 14, 2015

Eating healthy is tough, especially when you’re a busy person. We all know we should eat tons of vegetables — and we’re told we should eat organic — but we get pressed for time and old habits can sometimes die hard.

In the video below, Greg Carver shares some tips for eating more vegetables and how to prepare things ahead of time so they’re ready to go.

Part of the trick is to be fully stocked with healthy food all the time. If your fridge and pantry only contain the “good stuff”, and it’s stuff that’s easy to prepare — you won’t be as tempted to cut corners.

We recommend incorporating a few strategies to ensure you get your vegetables. Outsourcing your purchases with an organic food delivery service is one great option. Preparing some of your vegetables ahead of time — in one sitting — is another.

It’s fine of course to keep some un-prepped vegetables on hand to use in recipes. But remember that if you’re struggling to get your daily allowance of vegetables, keeping things as simple as possible can help you get your nine to ten a day.

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