Post-Halloween Bone Broth

October 14, 2015

Broth is a nourishing stock that is rich in minerals and is found in traditional diets the world over. While anytime is a great time to make it, we suggest putting some on the stove this November — especially if you’ve indulged in some Halloween treats or tricks.

Bone broth can re-mineralize teeth and contains powerful nutrients that promote healing throughout the body. The calcium and magnesium in the broth not only helps to strengthen your chompers, but play an important role in bone health as well.

While the length of time it takes bone broth to simmer is considerable (up to 48 hours), the actual preparation time is very short.

Watch StrengthBox’s own Colin Badali as he prepares a good old-fashioned bone broth in the following video (watch time 3 1/2 minutes):