StrengthBox in Greece: Active Travel Update

October 14, 2015

The group that will be joining us for Greece in June is ready to roll, and we’re all getting a bit excited – even though the trip is still 36 days away. The experience isn’t just about going to Greece to do exercise — it’s a whole active travel and cultural adventure. And in many ways, the trip has already started…

Greg has been teaching Greek regional folkdances over the past few weeks (he’s acted as Director for several Greek dance groups and has an impressive knowledge of Greek customs and traditions). So when we attend a panygiri (festival) on the Aegean island of Ikaria, we’ll know how to dance an Ikariotiko. We’ve got our StrengthBox t-shirts. We’ve got some cool products from our sponsors: natural & organic sunscreen from Badger, EcoTrail citronella products from Druide, NutraSea concentrated omega-3 supplements from Ascenta Health. Everyone’s got a personalized survival guide, map, and even an exclusive StrengthBox Greek Cooking recipe book — with healthy dishes submitted from our own Greek clients and from our contacts in Greece. Yes, I think we’re ready…

Since everyone in this group happened to be based in Toronto, we all met for a special meal in Toronto’s Greektown last night. It wasn’t so much as a meal as it was a village feast! Chef Lambros of Avli Restaurant outdid himself with various dips (taramasalata, kopanisti, skordalia, melizanosalata and the more familiar hummus and tzatziki), gigantes (baked butter beans), kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters), marouli salata (spring green salad), calamari (squid), vegetables and lemon-roasted potatoes. But the stars of the meal were the psari plaki (whole baked American Red Snapper), and the gourounopoula sto fourno (roast suckling pig)! I think we got spoiled…


Shortly, we’ll be departing for Athens. We’ll have a full day to explore this incredible, ancient city before travelling down to Argolis, land of Greek gods and legends. The group will stay in beautiful Nafplio for 2 nights while seeing some of Greece’s classical sites, then it’s off to the Eastern Aegean island of Ikaria – the land of tradition.

Of course we’re not just going to be sitting on a bus and sightseeing. This is a Natural Fitness retreat, so training and workouts are scheduled daily along with lots of hiking. But we’ll also be foraging for oregano and wild sage, picking vegetables, cooking, seeing how the local honey and wine are made, dancing to live music, and generally integrating into the local culture. It’s what makes this trip unique.

Next year we plan on doing an active travel retreat in Epirus – the mountainous area of Northwestern Greece. In the meantime, there is a strong possibility that this current itinerary will be repeated this September.

If you’re interested in joining us in beautiful Greece, contact us now — either for September, 2014 or June, 2015. We don’t have specific dates or pricing yet, but you will be notified when the details are announced and can reserve your spot. This current retreat sold out almost as soon as it was announced, so it’s best to plan ahead.