Investing in Strength

October 16, 2015

It’s 9:30 am.  Bill has just completed a natural-movement circuit including animal walks, wall climbs, vaulting, swinging and running.  Tired only moments ago, the tall 2nd generation Greek is now exhilarated and energized, ready for his 45th private session at StrengthBox.

Not having been an athlete growing up, Bill took an interest in strength and movement training over this past winter, and has made tremendous progress with us.

Bill tells me that his father, in his late 70’s, is in excellent shape, and has benefited from maintaining a large amount of musculature and strength that he developed while working in the fishing port of Athens growing up.

This leads me to surmise that developing strength is an investment, not unlike putting away your savings into a mutual fund for retirement years.  If money and strength are both currencies that help improve quality of life in later years, it makes sense to want to have an abundance of both.

Studies have correlated strength with longevity, and after having read “The Blue Zones”, the value of strength is even clearer.  (This is an excellent book, highlighting the habits of centenarians living in five specific and distinctly different regions of the world – #1 common factor: natural movement…)

As if you needed even more motivation to come in to StrengthBox, now you can think of every pullup and deadlift as another buck thrown in the proverbial pool of strength.

Bill completes a barbell snatch with ease, and smiles.  He just got richer.  And more importantly, he’s catching up with dad.

– Colin Badali