Christmas Party & Open House

December 3, 2016
Greg Carver
Christmas Party & Open House StrengthBox

This past Friday marked the 7th annual Christmas Party and Open House at the StrengthBox…

I’m so pleased that what started as a small industrial gym has blossomed into a thriving community of its own. No affiliations, no corporate partners, no commercial hype — just a great group of athletes, friends, and family.

It was a dream of mine to create an inclusive space where people could get healthy, strong and fit — all within a positive social environment. This year’s party proved that the StrengthBox social element is alive and well!

A huge thank you to all those who came out to celebrate, and especially to those who helped set-up. You haven’t just helped make this dream come alive, you’re actually part of it —  and that’s something I find incredible.

For this latest StrengthBox event, we had a few special surprises. Andrayn Zayn, Duane Steel and Wesley Balaban from Deflying Fitness gave us a few demos of the circus arts, including a creative handstand act, some foot juggling (Icarian games), and a hypnotically-smooth hula hoop flow.

Santa Claus flew in from the North Pole for a visit — another surprise, and I was very honoured to be able to entertain him. While getting on in years, the jolly elf has no trouble getting up and down off the floor, and loves to socialize — two factors he knows are associated with his incredible longevity.

My 90-year old father also flew in from Nova Scotia just for the party (another popular guest). Unfortunately, he disappeared just prior to Santa’s arrival…

Here are a few (actually, quite a few) memories from the event:

Open House Christmas Party

A great turn-out!


StrengthBox Open House

Surprise visitor from the North Pole!


Deflying Fitness StrengthBox

Performance by Andralyn Zayn


Andralyn Zayn StrengthBox

It’s an inverted elf!


Christmas StrengthBox

Santa knows the health benefits of spending time on the floor!


East York Gym StrengthBox

Andralyn Zayn strikes a pose!


Muscles and Mayhem

Spreading some holiday cheer


StrengthBox Circus

Watching the performers!


Santa Claus StrengthBox Gym

Santa’s still comfortable on the floor…


Christmas Party & Open House

Artistry with the hoops


Christmas Party & Open House

Faces all a glow…


Open House & Christmas Party










Christmas Party & Open House


East York Gym Social


























Icarian Games StrengthBox

An Icarian Games Demo


Icarian Games StrengthBox








Deflying Fitness StrengthBox



Worried what Mrs Claus will think…


Santa chooses mineral water!

Santa chooses mineral water…



Good times!

What an evening! Thanks again to everyone for coming together and making it happen. I am truly inspired by all…

Many thanks also to professional photographer Mike Day for capturing these moments. Mike specializes in family pictures, weddings and corporate photography. Give him a shout at The Art of Weddings if you’re in need of some quality shots!