Yoga With a Twist

December 11, 2017
Greg Carver
yoga with a twist

Join us on Sunday, December 17th at the StrengthBox for Yoga with a Twist (YwT) with Char!

What is YwT?

Be ready for a unique and redefined take on yoga. Using traditional yoga poses and athletic stretches, participants are guided through fun and creative flows emphasizing deep stretches, strengthening and mindfulness.

Through the use of unique yoga tools YwT is easily adaptable to all levels and abilities. YwT tools are utilized to assist and support yoga poses and stretches and used as a reference point for ease of positioning. YwT can be modified to regress or progress to suit the needs and type of class.

YwT Creator: Char


Don’t expect the norm from the passionate sassy and fierce creator of YwT. With 17 years experience in the fitness industry, Char has always taken the opportunity to push fitness to the limits, by thinking outside the box and by making fitness accessible to everyone, including those who are often overlooked.

Char’s zest for fun and fitness not to mention contagious energy and enthusiastic delivery makes YwT good for the body mind and soul.

Cost: $20 for Guests

Note: StrengthBox clients with a current active membership can register for $10 (50% discount). Email if you qualify to receive the promo code.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one and a bottle of water!

Register directly by clicking here!