Steve Atlas in Toronto Sept 29-30

July 16, 2018
Greg Carver
Steve Atlas Greg Carver

You’re invited to come train and learn from Steve Atlas this September in Toronto!

The New Breed Athlete Weekend Workshop

When: 10am to 5pm, September 29 & 30th, 2018 (Sat & Sun)

Where: StrengthBox (45 Cranfield Rd, Toronto, Canada)

Steve Atlas Toronto

The New Breed Athlete has evolved into a full spectrum of physical culture and wellness — including mobility, movement, hand balancing, strength, and aesthetics. One doesn’t have to be locked into a singular training modality — a philosophy that is exemplified by Steve Atlas himself.

A unified mind, body, and spirit equals balance.  Each and every one of us are unique and we’re all seeking our own balance.  It’s my goal to help you on this journey.”   -Steve Atlas

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about The New Breed Athlete philosophy in detail, as Atlas covers the following topics:

  • The New Breed Athlete philosophy
  • Mobility
  • Bodyweight strength
  • Inversions & hand balancing
  • Hypertrophy
  • Fuelling the New Breed Athlete
  • Sports supplementation

There’ll also be plenty of opportunity for practical application and practice. Programming, progressions and regressions will be covered as you learn how to apply New Breed Athlete principles in training yourself.

As a coach, Steve Atlas has explored martial arts, yoga, various forms of weighted exercises, gymnastic strength, hand balancing, dance, and aesthetics from the physique world. He coaches and mentors students from all over the world from his home base in Washington State — and this event is a fantastic opportunity to learn from him in person right here in Toronto.

“We have so much to offer our bodies if we’re willing to take the necessary steps forward.”

The New Breed Athlete Workshop promises to be stacked with a lot of education and energy for a fun, memorable experience!

Space limited for maximum training efficacy and personal attention.

To ensure your spot for this unique opportunity, you’re encouraged to sign up now.