StrengthBox Challenge Results and Photos

September 9, 2018
Greg Carver
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I’m proud to say that the recent StrengthBox Challenge for Cops & Kids was a huge success!

Before getting into the actual numbers, a huge thank you to everyone who competed, participated, volunteered and supported. Whether you were there in person, or donated from a distance — it made for a great event. And a special thank you to the officers and staff of Toronto Police Service who came out to support us.


Men’s Open Division:

  • Jamie Milbrandt (1st place)
  • Yoni Moussadji (2nd place)
  • Virgil Strong (3rd place)









Women’s Open Division

  • Constantina Varlokostas (1st place, not pictured)
  • Kathleen Peterson (2nd place)
  • Nibedita Chakraborty (3rd place)

StrengthBox Challenge Women's Ope







Men’s Masters Division:

  • David Montrait (1st place)
  • Greg Carver (2nd place)
  • Jeff Burleau (3rd place)

StrengthBox Challenge Greg Carver







Women’s Masters Division

  • Rachel Meikle (1st place)
  • Diana Dampier (2nd place)
  • Brenda Gouin (3rd place)

StrengthBox Challenge Women's Masters









If you wish to see all the results and calculations, click on the following file:

Download the StrengthBox Challenge Results (PDF File)

Quite a few people competed for the first time in their life, and were surprised at how much they could achieve. Competition helps, but a friendly competition helps even more. Having the support of the community can really push you to reach new heights, and it was evident in the results.

But the REAL results were in our fundraising efforts. To date, we’ve raised approximately $3,000 for ProAction Cops & Kids.

This is truly incredible and shows you what can be done with a bit of community support. Greg will be making a cheque presentation to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders later this month.

Finally, there are the pictures of the event.

Our resident photographer and StrengthBox trainee Mike Day captured some amazing moments. He’s placed proofs on his website, which are available for purchase (digital files and/or prints) – and he’s generously agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds from photo sales right back to ProAction Cops & Kids. So if you’d like a high-res copy of a photo for social media, or would like a print for display/framing, you can order them from his website and you’ll be contributing to Cops & Kids as well.

To see and order photos, click on the link below and follow the instructions.

tobermory hiking

Here are a few previews: (to see the entire album or to purchase files, click on the link above).

StrengthBox Challenge

StrengthBox Challenge

StrengthBox Challenge

StrengthBox Challenge

ProAction Cops & Kids

StrengthBox Challenge 2018

StrengthBox Challenge 2018

ProAction Cops & Kids

Cops & Kids

ProAction Cops & Kids


ProAction Cops & Kids

ProAction Cops and Kids

StrengthBox Challenge

StrengthBox Challenge Cops & Kids

ProAction Cops & Kids

StrengthBox Challenge 2018

ProAction Cops & Kids StrengthBox

ProAction Cops & Kids StrengthBox Challenge


Digital prints and files of these (and many, many more) can be purchased directly from with all proceeds going to support ProAction Cops & Kids.

Final thanks to our sponsors, including:

Until next year!