StrengthBox Challenge for Cops & Kids 2019

August 2, 2019
Greg Carver
StrengthBox Challenge

The 2019 StrengthBox Challenge is a friendly strength competition and fundraiser to benefit at-risk youth.

On Saturday, Sept 21st, StrengthBox is hosting a fun and friendly lifting event, open to Toronto Police Service members, gym members, and the general community. Anyone can compete (18+) and all abilities are welcome.

Your participation or support will help guide kids towards a better future, as all proceeds will benefit skill-building and mentoring programs between police and at-risk youth through ProAction Cops & Kids.

(Your $25 fee will be donated directly to ProAction Cops & Kids)

Don’t wish to compete, but still want to support the cause?

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This event promises to be great fun with prizes, community and plenty of friendly competition. Last year we raised over $3000 in a single day, and this year we hope to contribute more.

ProAction Cops & Kids
2018 StrengthBox Challenge Participants

It doesn’t matter whether you place in the top 3 — what matters is your support. ANYONE can watch, donate or participate. Participants will have 3 attempts at a max effort Turkish Get-Up. Other events will include a flexed-arm hang and a mini-pursuit course. These events mix old-school physical culture with first-responder tactical fitness, and are likely a bit different than other strength competitions you may have seen before.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday, Sept 21st at 10am (doors open at 9:30 for registration)

WHERE: 45 Cranfield Rd in East York – Unit #5


  • Max Weight (Kettlebell) Turkish Get-Up
  • Max Time Flexed Arm Hang
  • Mini Pursuit Course (for time)


  • Men’s Open
  • Women’s Open
  • Men’s Masters (45+)
  • Women’s Masters (45+)

All proceeds will benefit programs between police and youth. Establishing a positive relationship between cops and kids strengthens our community today and for the future.

2019 StrengthBox Challenge
Project O – A ProAction Cops & Kids funded program where disadvantaged Toronto youth and police officers train for adventure and obstacle races. Here, the Project O team trains at the StrengthBox with Toronto Police Detective Jesse Weeks and StrengthBox trainer Greg Carver.

Some info for those planning on competing:

Registration is limited to 35 participants – please sign-up well in advance using the registration link on this page.

A minimum donation of $25 is required to register. Note that entry forms and fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

There are no weight classes (weight would only be used as a tie-breaker). A person’s total score will be based on average performance among all three events. The Get-Up tends to favour those who are heavier in weight; the Flex Arm Hang favours lighter people; and the Pursuit Course favours no-one 🙂

Details for the Turkish Get-Up

Begin lying down with a single kettlebell in-hand, locked out overhead. You must stand up and lie back down, while keeping the working arm straight. No assistance is permitted with the other arm; both shoulders must touch the ground at the bottom before you grab the bell with the other hand or lower it. You will have up to 3 attempts at a max-weight lift (and will have a max of 60 seconds per attempt). At least one of your 3 attempts must be done with the alternate arm (i.e. if your first attempt is done with the left and your second with the right, you can do the third attempt with either arm).

The Flexed Arm Hang

Grip a pullup bar and get into the top of a pull-up position. Your chin must clear the bar (you may use a box or partner to achieve this). Holding on with your hands, try and hold your chin above the bar as long as possible. Participants will be timed and the timer is stopped when the chin falls below the level of the bar. Men must use an overhand (pronated) grip. Women may use an underhand (supinated) grip if desired.

Mini-Pursuit Course

This is a 300-metre sprint, drag and carry event.

You will drag a loaded sled backwards 50 meters using straps with handles, then push it forwards the same distance back to the start (sled will be loaded with 2 x 45 pound plates for men; 1 x 45 pound plate for women). Then you will shoulder a sandbag (85 pounds for men, 50 pound sandbag for women) and carry it 50 meters down the course, and 50 meters back, stepping over a series of 5 stairs along the way. Finally, you will drop the sandbag and lateral shuffle the same 50 meters and sprint the 50 meters back. Shortest time wins this event.

Not to worry, we’ll fill you in with further details as the date gets closer. Remember, this event is open to ALL LEVELS as a FRIENDLY competition. Everyone gets to play.

Media Inquiries: Please contact Greg Carver at info *at*

ProAction Cops & Kids is an independent organization entirely funded by donations and fundraising activities. Registered Charity #887700862RR0001

2019 StrengthBox Challenge

(Your $25 fee will be donated directly to ProAction Cops & Kids)

(Choose 2019 StrengthBox Challenge in the dropdown menu)


2019 StrengthBox Challenge
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