Personal Training in East York

May 10, 2022
Greg Carver

After a two-year absence, Greg is back in the StrengthBox coaching clients again.

Greg is accepting a limited number of new clients who wish to train with him privately in East York.

Whether you’re interested in packing on some functional size and serious strength or looking to lean out while improving your pushups and pullups, Greg can help. He’s well known in the industry for his unique mix of creativity in programming and his non-dogmatic approach to training.

Greg provides coaching in kettlebell, barbells, calisthenics and in functional bodybuilding. He is dedicated to a performance-based, results driven method of coaching that has produced results for hundreds of people over the years.

If you train with Greg, expect to work hard. However, all programming is fully personalized and scalable for any fitness level – from novice to elite athlete. Sessions can be booked privately one-on-one or with a buddy/partner and are one hour in length.

Use the contact page on this site to reach out.