How To Fix Microsoft Solitaire Collection Error 101_107_1 On Windows 10?

July 15, 2022
Greg Carver

If you do not understand it, learn our guide for clearing private browsing history on any devices. Once you’ve typed in the command, close the command prompt. To view the incognito browsing history, go to C drive and find the pentonic123.txt to see the recent website visits in incognito mode. Many people confuse browsing in incognito mode with safe browsing and being anonymous on the internet.

Alternatively, use the CTRL+SHIFT+N keyboard shortcut to open the Incognito window quickly. In the YouTube app, tap on the Incognito icon at the top. The icon is present at the same place where you would typically see the profile picture icon.

  • The power has to be off, though, on the iPad.
  • Besides listening to your favorite tracks, iTunes can also be used to backup or restore your iPad.
  • Determine to Uninstall a program under virus removal Programs.
  • You can click on “Name” or “Installed On” to reorder your programs and make redirecteasier to find.
  • Most browsers have a private browsing option, called InPrivate Browsing on Microsoft Edge, Private Browsing in Firefox and Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.

If it starts up without the error code, let it update and restart your system. Since error code 0x0003 is mainly related to driver issues, we eliminate all drivers issues required to run GeForce Experience. This fix addresses the exact root cause of a disabled Telemetry data transmission. Select your primary hard drive or, more commonly, the “C” drive when installing the application again. To do this, don’t be quick to select “Express Installation” but rather click on the tab called “Custom Installation“.

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We’ll go over the steps for setting up both options below. From here, you can choose “unrestricted access,” “limit adult websites” or “allowed websites only.” Tap on the setting you wish to implement.

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If the app is outdated and incompatible with the latest version of Windows 10, it may not work properly. One way to resolve this issue is to check for any pending updates for the app. If you are facing issues with all of your Microsoft Store games then the problem is with Windows.

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While this should be a last resort—aforce restartfixes many common problems—it may be necessary if nothing else can resolve the issue. But before you reset your device to factory settings, you should back up your data so you can restore it to your device later. Another way of resetting your iPad is via the Settings app present on your device. You can unlock a disabled iPad or remove all data by executing a total wipe of the iPad using Settings.